The safety and presentation of your business premises is vital to your success. First impressions count right from the front gate, from car park entries, retail stores to commercial factories. 

Our building closure solutions provide high security in any application. This range includes:

Aluminium Sectional Overhead Doors
Aluminium and Steel Roller Shutters
 Aluminium Grills
Clearline Roller Shutters
Side Closures
High Speed Shutters

Looking for additional strength and flexibility?  
Industrial steel roller shutters are available, catering for the largest complex openings. Additional strength is obtained using windlock clips and guides. This combination of features makes the industrial steel roller shutter a very popular and respected choice.

For maximum security with modern style, our range of commercial doors poses an option to suit all industrial and commercial applications. With a large range of colours and designs there is an option to suit the look and feel of any building.

Do you require an Insulated Door? 
Designed for use in places such as in factories, loading bays and cool rooms, the insulated sectional doors and roller shutters combine temperature control and sound proofing ability. During summer, insulated doors will keep the heat out, but in winter will serve to keep the heat in. It is a win-win for your security, energy costs and the environment. Also ideal for sound insulation, an insulated door will reduce noise caused by the operation of heavy machinery.

Most designs allow for automated openers to be fitted, a safe, easy option for you and your employees.

Call today and discuss your specific requirements for industrial and commercial applications. 

Browse our photographs and brochures below.


Gliderol-Industrial-Series.pdf Gliderol-Industrial-Series.pdf
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Dominator_Roller_Door_2018.pdf Dominator_Roller_Door_2018.pdf
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Steel Line _Industrial_C_Roller_Door_2018.pdf Steel Line _Industrial_C_Roller_Door_2018.pdf
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Steel Line_Clearview_Roller_Shutter_ 2018.pdf Steel Line_Clearview_Roller_Shutter_ 2018.pdf
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Steel Line_Aluminium_Roller_Shutter_2018.pdf Steel Line_Aluminium_Roller_Shutter_2018.pdf
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Steel Line_ Aluminium_Roller_Grille_2018.pdf Steel Line_ Aluminium_Roller_Grille_2018.pdf
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Steel Line _Folding_Door_2018.pdf Steel Line _Folding_Door_2018.pdf
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Hormann-Sectional-Ind-E.pdf Hormann-Sectional-Ind-E.pdf
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